Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that Brighton Mobile TV should expect from manufacturing in an emerging market country.

Brighton Mobile TV is a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) that manufactures TV sets installed in cars and boats. Business has declined recently as foreign rivals from emerging markets are increasing competition. Because Brighton Mobile TV does all its manufacturing in the UK, it lacks cost advantages and price competitiveness. After analyzing the problem facing the firm, you have come to the conclusion that Brighton Mobile TV should move its production to an emerging market (China, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, India or Brazil). But top management knows little about internationalisation. Making pertinent reference to the International Business literature and concepts, write a memo to the CEO based on the guidelines below:

Give your reasons why Brighton Mobile TV should internationalise its manufacturing operations bearing in mind the differences between domestic and international business.
Decide on an appropriate emerging market country in which to manufacture, and give your rationale for the choice.

Identify and discuss the risks and other challenges Brighton Mobile TV would most likely encounter if it moved production to an emerging market country.

State your planned FDI entry strategy, and discuss your reasons for this strategy.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that Brighton Mobile TV should expect from manufacturing in an emerging market country.
Key Marking criteria will include:

· Initiative: originality, innovativeness of answer
· Assignment Structure: clarity of aims, objective, structure and presentation
· Quality of Writing: Readability and ability to convey key message(s) concisely
· Quality/Scope and application of the International Management literature.
· Suitability of Literature: Use of suitable sources and evidence, focused to answer key case study questions.
· Insightfulness of Analysis: Interest and usefulness of findings, conclusions drawn.
· Understanding: the assignment should demonstrates your understanding of key topics
· Overall Quality of Assignment.

Notes on style:

The maximum word limit for the main assignment (excluding references , tables, contents page, footnotes, charts, graphs, figures) is 3000 words. The word count must be stated in the assignment cover sheet.

The assignment should be in extended essay format (ie. use headings/sub-headings). Full academic referencing using the APA (6th Edition) referencing style should be used throughout the assignment. Guideline on how to reference using the APA style can be found at:

To gain higher marks students are required to show analysis and reflection rather than simple description. They should use multiple sources of academic literature to frame and justify their analysis.
NOTE: The below reading list was recommended in the module handbook for the duration of the module syllabus and may or may not be relevant for the purposes of the assignment.