Discuss test(s) that screen for osteoporosis.

nvestigational Questions / Statements:
1. Physiology – Discuss conditions that contribute to osteoporosis.
2. Assessment – Discuss test(s) that screen for osteoporosis.
3. Diagnosis – Provide one (1) nursing diagnosis and one (1) collaborative diagnosis. The
nursing diagnosis should include ‘related to factors and ‘as evidenced by for support.
You may use bullet points to list the diagnosis.
4. Planning – What interventions will you use for your nursing diagnosis? (Remember that
teaching is an intervention.) What preliminary orders do you anticipate from the
5. Implementation – Which intervention is of most importance and why? Include any special
considerations or patient preparation you would keep in mind. How will you prepare your
patient for the physicians orders (labs, tests, etc.)?
6. Evaluation – What outcomes do you desire for your nursing diagnosis and interventions?
You will be able to upload after 12:05a.m. Sunday of Week 5. Your upload is due before 11:55p.m. Friday of Week 5:
The Case Study is a scholarly writing and content assignment. Be sure to address each of the investigational questions in your content. Use the lead terms as subtitles (ie: Physiology, Assessment, etc.). Please omit a generalized introduction and conclusion.
Use APA format to include: title page, reference page, in-text citations, double spaced lines, indentions, etc. (excluding an introduction and conclusion). Your submission should be between 3.5 to 4 pages (plus the title and reference pages). Please submit as one continuous document. Support your assertions with your text book plus at least one (1) evidence-based, peer-reviewed nursing journal as indicated. A journal article should never be older than 5 years. You are encouraged to use UL@Ls library and Scientific Research Publishing “SCIRP” for the latest findings in medical science. (Use their search box.)
Case Study Rubric
Proficient Outcome
Initiative –
(41 to 60 points)
Organization & Expression/APA –
(15 to 20 Points)
Competent Outcome
Initiative –
(21 to 40 points)
Organization & Expression/APA –
(8 to 14 Points)