Discuss project management elements apply examples of tools as RASIC charting GANTT charting PERT and Critical Path Nodes

Healthcare quality management manual
create an HCQM Manual for a healthcare business. Demonstrate your ability to use the content, methods, models, principles, and techniques
• Your HC QM Manual should be suitable for actual health care businesses and departments.
• Write in your own words; do not just copy/paste from an online health care Quality Management Manual.
• Write APA style,
a) Explain briefly what may be the challenges and opportunities in the purpose
b) Identify the basic concepts as goal setting, executing strategy, evidence based medicine, value based purchasing, clinical decision support, and apply examples of tools as the balanced scorecard and strategy mapping
c) Discuss project management elements, apply examples of tools as RASIC charting, GANTT charting, PERT, and Critical Path Nodes
d) Apply examples of tools for problem solving and decision making as mind mapping, process or flow charting, service blueprinting, root cause analysis, cause and effect or fish bone diagrams, and failure mode effect analysis