Discuss five different design examples from five different historical periods

This project is designed to examine a particular theme over different
historical periods. Your task is to research and select design examples appropriate to your
selected theme, and examine how that theme is treated similarly and differently through these
various examples over time. Select five examples from five different decades. Each example
must be unique, and must not be from the same artist or art/design movement.
Use the same questions outlined in the Design Analysis Guidelines as a reference to analyze
your group of design examples. Review the document Standards for Research Resources in
the Course Resources section of Blackboard for tips on finding sources of information, such as
articles and eBooks, relevant to your topic or for more details and background on selected design
Essay requirements:
1200-1500 words in length
Introduce and define your theme. What is it? What does it mean? What time period did
you select to begin and why?
Discuss five different design examples from five different historical periods. Discuss
each one individually, as you would with your Design Analysis. You may use examples
from the course textbook or find new examples. DO explore chapters that we have not
discussed yet.
Discuss how your theme is treated similarly and differently throughout your examples.
Think about why the theme either maintains a consistent appearance or meaning, or why
it doesnt. Consider the intended audience, and purpose of the design (remember the
Conclude with why this theme is significant in the history of Graphic Design. What do
we learn from it?
Include a list of images with their identification information for your five design
examples before the Bibliography.
Include a Bibliography, and cite your sources in-text using Chicago Author-Date Style
(the same format as your Design Analysis assignments).
The assignment will be due during Finals Week, and a final discussion will be assigned
for you to comment on each others essays and ask questions.