Discuss briefly the history, beliefs, traditions, present-day geography, and peoples of India.

Write a 10-page brief on the interplay of business, religion, Indian culture, and globalism, using a provided scenario.
Use the following scenario as the basis for this assessment:
Imagine you work for a Canadian information technology company interested in establishing an office in India. Because part of the company’s strategic plan includes relocating some of its domestic  employees, nearly all of whom are long-time residents of North America, to Bangalore, your company has recognized the importance of preparing them to live in another culture.
Your supervisor learns that you have interest and/or expertise in this area and asks you to prepare a brief that serves as an introduction to Indian culture and Hindu religion and their interplay with the forces of globalism. This brief will be shared with the initiative’s working group to help shape future decisions on employee training and preparation.
Create a ten-page brief for decision makers in which you do each of the following:
Discuss briefly the history, beliefs, traditions, present-day geography, and peoples of India.
Discuss the interrelationship between Indian culture and the Hindu religion. Include the following:
A description of three instances of tensions that exist between the two in modern-day India.
A description of three instances where the two enjoy harmony and integration.
Discuss the religion’s and culture’s reaction to the forces of globalism since the government of Indira Gandhi.
Discuss three recent examples of the culture’s reactions or contributions to the global community, such as women’s rights, pop culture, wealth distribution, tourism, et cetera. What has been their impact? Why is it significant?
Describe concerns that you have with integrating your employees into the Indian culture. How have your personal values shaped these concerns?
Additional Requirements
Resources: Include a separate reference page with a minimum of three supporting resources. Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
Length: 10 typed, double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.