Discuss a new technology or a newer way of doing things in the healthcare field, and how it has changed or revolutionized medicine andor or peoples lives.

In this Research Essay, you will start with a thoughtful healthcare-related question, gather research, and finally present that information to your peers and instructor with an objective, neutral attitude, in academic essay format.

Prompts (choose one):

  1. Discuss a new technology or a newer way of doing things in the healthcare field, and how it has changed or revolutionized medicine and/or peoples lives.
    • For example, you could research and write about about robotics used in surgery, laparoscopic knee surgery, gallbladder surgery, hysterectomy surgery, etc. vs. traditional surgery. The focus should be on the benefits to the patient and to the healthcare staff, and the disadvantages (if there are any), without saying whether it is good or bad. Simply present the research you find about the impact on healthcare or patients and their recovery.
  2. Go to the online journal Nursing Made Incredibly Easy found on the library website. Search for a healthcare-related topic that interests you. Using this topic (for example, Metformin), do further research on it by looking further in that database, or a similar one. What are the main aspects of this that are worth sharing?
  3. Research a sub-specialty or an area of concentration in nursing. Research and share the basic duties and day-to-day reality of that career, as well as the education and training necessary for that career. For instance, you may wish to research what it takes to become a lactation consultant, and what the everyday realities of that job are.
  4. Research a drug that either is in common use or is new to healthcare. Do not try to tell the reader if the drug is good or bad; just present what is known about the drug, including its history, as well as its drawbacks and benefits.
  5. Research integrative or holistic healthcare and how it might help patients heal from problems both small and large. What are its main components? Where is it being carried out? What are the implications for the future of healthcare? What about the financial/monetary aspect of it (is it being funded or encouraged, or not? Why/why not?)
  6. Your own research topic. You must discuss this with the professor and have the topic approved before moving forward.

Make sure that your submission meets the following requirements:

  • A clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph
  • Strong organization of your ideas via academic essay format
  • Two to three quality, unique sources used, cited and referenced properly both in-text and on a References page
  • Synthesis of the source material (concrete detail) with your own writing (commentary)
  • Few to no Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, Spelling (MUGS) errors
  • A word count of at least 850 words

All essays are check in Turnitin for plagiarism, no more than 5% is acceptable.