Develop effective strategies to assist patients in understanding their illness and treatments

How to submit your work: Unless your tutor has made other arrangements with your class, please submit your work by email as an attached file to your tutor. Please state clearly your group number. This work is not marked, but if satisfactory will account for your attendance. Your marks for this subject cannot be released until your Independent Learning is received by your tutor and considered satisfactory.

It would be a very good idea to undertake this Independent Learning early in order to free up time later in the semester

The aims for your independent learning are to:
1. Develop a greater understanding of Health Literacy
2. Appreciate the consequences of poor Health Literacy
3. Appreciate the importance of effective communications with patients who have chronic illness
4. Develop effective strategies to assist patients in understanding their illness and treatments

Relates to:
? Lectures 7: Health Literacy ? available as a powerpoint + audio online

Activity 1:
? Review the lecture on Health Literacy
? Reflect on the content of this lecture and apply to your own practice as a student nurse
? Briefly discuss 3 ideas from the lecture that could benefit your practice especially when working with patients with chronic illness
Activity 2:
? Connect to the following links. These links will provide some introductory information on health literacy
? This next link will take you to the Quick Start activities related to the Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit.
? Begin by watching the short video. Make sure you click the small red arrow to take you to the video otherwise you go to a website. The video was developed in the USA and shows real people experiencing difficulty with their health literacy. Patients in Australia experience many of the same difficulties.
? List 3 observations related to the video that may be useful information for your practice.