Describe the target marketing strategy used.

You are a new marketing associate working for a growing Hollywood movie production company
named Movie Insights, Inc. Your marketing manager is working on a quarterly update to the
marketing plan for the company. The marketing manager assigns you the task of researching
the success of the Disney Company under the direction of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bob
Iger during the years 2006–2012. You have 7 days to conduct your research and report your
Directions for completing this assignment:
Before beginning this Assignment, make sure to review the Learning Activities pertaining to the
target market and marketing mix which will help you to be more successful in completing this
Write a 2-page, business memo answering the following questions. For assistance with your
Assignment, please use your textbook and library research resources. The directions for you to
execute this task are as follows:
1. Read “Disney®: The Happiest Place on Earth” case study: Click here
2. Learn how to write a Business Memo by downloading the short explanation on the document
icon and looking at the business memo example in doc sharing below.
3. Use APA style referencing to avoid plagiarism. Include in-text citations and a References
page. Use a minimum of two References resources, including your textbook.
4. Select a Disney franchise mentioned in the case study.
5. In your business memo, summarize the following marketing strategy components of your
selected Disney franchise by addressing the following items:
Summarize the marketing strategy for one of Disney’s franchises mentioned in the case
study during the years 2006–2012.
Describe the target marketing strategy used.
Describe the components of the marketing mix.
Directions for Submitting this Assignment: