Describe the operational mechanisms by which care is provided to clients

 Describe the operational mechanisms by which care is provided to clients

This is Part 2 of this assignment. In your same group review the work you did for Part 1 and pay attention to the feedback you received from your instructor.

You continue to work with your “ideal” nursing unit. Your facility is a brand new small critical access hospital that has 25 medical/surgical beds and a small rehabilitation unit with 6 beds. As a group, you will need to work together to research and discuss specific issues to create your nursing unit. For Part 1, you determined the organizational structure, whether you unit has shared governance, and your model of care delivery. In Part 2, you will write a three to five page paper that includes the following:

  1. Describe one professional practice model that you will use to describe the operational mechanisms by which care is provided to clients. Use two evidence-based sources.
  2. Consider the composition and skill mix of your unit. What composition do you have now and what future staff might you need? How will go about securing those staff?
  3. What staffing ratio will you use and how will you approach staffing to have sufficient staff on the unit for all shifts? Include parameters of the unit including length of the shift, use of supplemental staff, scheduling options, and involvement of staff in scheduling.
  4. Describe what you will include in your Indoctrination/Orientation for new staff and how you will socialize new nurses.
  5. List five ways you will motivate your staff including consideration of diverse staff such as those from different generations and cultures
  6. .RUBRIC

Professional practice model you will use on your unit with two evidence-based sources to support-2

Skill mix (RN, LPN, UAP, ….) and needs and recruitment approach (How will you recruit for your nursing positions)- 2

Staffing ratio and approach to staffing

Description of orientation (Be specific with your nursing orientation process)- 4

Five ways to motivate staff (Be specific including internal and external motivators)

–          2

Accurate grammar and spelling and use of APA- 1