Describe the issue and how it affects Canadian patients

Health Care in the Media  Writing Assignment

The media follows  the  health care  system  in Canada on a  regular  basis, as  it  is an
important  social issue for  Canadians.  There are often many concerns  ranging from the
long  wait-times,  under  serviced areas  and the shortage  of doctors.

Follow the  media (newspapers, non- medical journals,  internet  news sites) and focus on  a  particular  topic of interest  that  deals with health care  issues.

?   Any issue that   affe cts the  health of the Canadian  (Ontario)  population.
?  Should NOT  be  based around any  particular disease  or therapy.
?   Does not  have to centre around  pharmacy  practice

?   Describe the issue and how it  affects  Canadian  patients
?   Discuss how  pharmacists  and pharmacies  can help   manage the  problem
?   Talk  about  any  obstacles  that may  affect pharmacists’ ability  to   address  the  issue

Analyze the issues that  are  currently  being discussed  in   health care as  well  as  to understand the  pharmacists’ role  in the  health care  system.

Please  reference   your sources.

“ Solving the painkiller crisis: It’s in the hands of doctors”