Describe the balance of good-service continuum of the organization

Select an organization of your choice. And prepare a report to its board of directors:-
1.) Critically analyses the importance of understanding effective operations management in the organization to gain the competitive advantage

2.) Describe the balance of “good-service continuum” of the organization and critically discuss how the operations strategy should be planned. Support your answer by drawing a “process chart” showing how customers are processed through the operations.

3.) Critically discuss how the “process management” should be planned in the organization to achieve operational excellence. Support your answer by illustrating:-
a. Customer service strategies
b. Managing capacity and demand
c. Inventory management
d. Scheduling operations
e. Process analysis and improvement
f. Purchasing and supplier management

4.) Critically describe how the “Quality Management process” should be organized in the organization to high level of customer satisfaction.

5.) Critically describe how important a sound “technology management process” in the organization to process improvement. Support your answer with technology acquisition, automation, innovation and creativity.