Describe in detail the issue(s) at the heart of the documentary Ivory Tower.

Describe in detail the issue(s) at the heart of the documentary, Ivory Tower. Be very detailed here; I need to be convinced that you watched and paid close attention to the entire film.
Analyze the higher education industry:
General Environment. Choose three of the six (demographic, sociocultural, political/legal, technological, economic, and global) general environment segments considered in Chapter 2 (pgs. 43-51). Provide two factors or trends within each of the three segments that you choose.
Porters Five Forces. For each force, identify whether and why the influence is low, medium, or high. Finally, make a general conclusion about the attractiveness and competitive environment of the higher education industry.
If you were the President of a major publicly-funded university (say, Michigan State), would you attempt to make significant changes in light of the issue(s) at the center of Ivory Tower? If yes, what specifically would you do? If not, why not – it seems like this situation may be a bubble waiting to burst?