Describe how the concept of agency effected the parties legal positions in the case study.

. Is there a contract between any of the parties? If there is a contract(s), describe and detail the operative legal principles, how you arrived at that conclusion, and identify the parties to that contract and the contract’s terms. 2. There were several purportedly contractual negotiations or transitions in the case description. If you decided that some of those transactions do not qualify as a contract, detail and describe why.
3. Identify any defenses to enforcement that any of the parties may have and against whom they would be asserted, and whether those defenses would be successful and why. 4. Identify the available remedies that any party could request of a court, and whether a court is able or likely to provide that remedy and why. 5. Describe how the concept of agency effected the parties’ legal positions in the case study. Did the agents help or harm their clients? Why? 6. If you were the judge on this case and all the parties named in the case description were party to the lawsuit, how would you resolve the case and why? Who would end up with the property and on what terms? Who would get nothing and why?