Describe how the article quantitative nursing research contributes to evidence-based nursing practice.Choose a quantitative NURSING research study from one of the following journals Any peer reviewed journal article will do!


Nursing research, Research in Nursing and Health, Western Journal of Nursing and Health, Applied Nursing Research, Nursing Science Quarterly, Clinical Nursing Research, Biological Research for Nursing. You may also choose an article from any NURSING refereed journal, it must be a nursing journal article, not from a medical journal.

CRITIQUE 1 From the research article you selected, submit a one to two page summary of the article. The nursing research article summary should include the following:

The title (APA Citation).
A summary of the article.
Describe how the article contributes to evidence-based nursing practice.
The summary is simply an overview, or summary of your selected research study. There are no questions to be answered for this one.
Please type your article summary directly in the box below.
Please try to make All submissions must conform to APA 6th edition guidelines.
Late assignments will receive a 10% deduction each day.
No medical research studies will be accepted.