Describe how the ANA Code of Ethics principles relate to the dilemma.

An ethical dilemma represents a real or potential conflict for the nurse when caring for a patient. This might occur when there is a difference in beliefs or actions between what the nurse feels is the best decision and what the patient, family, or provider feels is best. These are not always huge life altering events, but may occur on a small level quite frequently in practice Chose a case you read about in a source such as an online journal, news website, social media site, or personal experience. You must document your source.

Describe an ethical dilemma you encountered in your clinical setting including how you became aware of the situation and who was involved (family, health, care providers, etc…)
Identify all the relevant and applicable principles within the ANA Code of Ethics that relates to your dilemma.
Describe how the ANA Code of Ethics principles relate to the dilemma.
Provide specific examples from the situation to demonstrate this

relationship. Utilize resources such as journal articles, professional internetsites, etc. to aid in your discussion and to support your perspective about the situations. Must have at least 2 references, one being the ANA Code of Ethics and one journal article from a primary source.

Discuss the outcome of the dilemma to the best of your knowledge. How did the situation develop over the time frame you were caring for the patient? What outcome was hoped for, if no resolution occurred during that time frame?
Discuss the resources within the clinical agency for dealing with such ethical dilemmas. What resources are available? Which were being used and for what
reason(s)? In your opinion, were any other resources available, but not being used and should have been used in this situation? Provide rationales for your opinions. Support with literature (highly recommended).