Describe how Disney handles employee training and development.

In 1923, Mr. Disney started a cartoon studio. Today, the Walt Disney Company has grown to become a diversified, international family entertainment and media company. Among the companys major products/services are entertainment theme parks, domestically and internationally, hotels, media companies, and cruise line. In 2003, the company had revenues of over $27 billion and 117,000 employees approximately.

Explore Disneys website that pertains to their human resource practices, and Google other sources that describe Disneys practices. Respond to the following:

  • Describe how Disney handles employee training and development. What different approaches (described within the text chapter) for employee learning and development are offered to employees by this organization?
  • Does the company offer explicit mentoring program? Explain the benefits of such a program to Disney.
  • Does the company have a management succession policy? Who is responsible for it?
  • Do the career opportunities at Disney excite you? Why or why not?

Remember to cite sources using APA format, and your paper should be approximately 3 pages long. See grading rubric and paper requirements in the syllabus for details.