Describe and summarize the empirical articles in the results section of your research paper.

research questions and thoroughly discuss in an essay format of a minimum of 8-type written pages (2000 words) in Times Roman or Arial, 12-inch fonts, one-inch margins all around, and double-spaced. The total number of pages accounted for the research paper should not include the reference and cover page.




  1. In the United States, one third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese, and rates of diet-related diseases among young people are unprecedented. Public health experts conclude that the consumption of fast foods and sugar-sweetened beverages, which includes sodas, sport drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks are strongly associated with adolescent obesity, accounting for approximately 15% of their total caloric intake.  Adolescent obesity rates are also reportedly the highest among minority and lower-income adolescents.




Discuss the interdependence of calorie-posting initiatives and food advertising as an effective contributor in reducing calorie intake for minority and lower-income adolescents at risk for obesity.




Research Paper Instructions: The paper is required to be written in APA style for review articles (see APA style guide posted). It should consist of at least five (5) empirical research articles on the topic from reputable public health journals. A list of public health journals will be available for your consideration. You are also required to upload the first page (that includes the abstract) of the articles used as a PDF attachment with your final draft submission.


Things to Do:

  1. Research review articles and other basic information to use for the background section of your research paper.
  2. Find five (5) empirical articles covering the research topic. The articles should have a method, results and discussion sections)
  3. I prefer that you use PubMed and/or NSU electronic journal databases to search for articles.
  4. Construct the paper with relevant background information to the topic and research question.
  5. Describe and summarize the empirical articles in the results section of your research paper.
  6. Critically analyze the topic, synthesize finding from the articles in your discussion.


  1. Propose future directions and research in your conclusion. It is important that you be very specific in your proposal and show evidence that you have gone beyond a summary and have critically thought about the topic.