Department Of Electrical Engineering And Computer Science Egn 3211 Engineering A

1.Develop a statistical library for data analysis as we discussed in the class and as shown in lecture notes: 08-Arrays-Slide 38.Sample header file is available in slide 41 and functions file with sample code for one function is in slide 42Notice that you must use the bubble sort algorithm for sort function- (pseudocode is provided in slide 23).Implement sample application of the statistical library that performs some calculations on students’ GPAsdata set as follows: 3.8, 2.92,3.4,3.6,3.9,2.8,3.5,3.56, 3.05,3.33,2.7 ( see slide 46).Submission:You need to submit four C files: (1) header file, (2) the .c source file –functions’ definition, (3) the main program( gpa.c) and (4) the Dev C++ project (.dev). You need also to submit a snapshot of the output in the command prompt window with format similar to output appeared in slide 48(in the main pdf HW solution file).

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