Demonstrate knowledge in a manner that solves an applied problem.

Project Objectives:
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
Critique theoretical constructs related to social policy history and policymaking.
Interpret a particular element of social welfare policy in terms of its historical context.
Evaluate a particular element of social welfare policy in terms of existing strengths and weaknesses.
Recommend remedies to the existing policy through the formulation of a new policy that acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses of the past.
Present a coherent description and analysis of how theories and concepts apply to the project.
Demonstrate knowledge in a manner that solves an applied problem.

Length: The papers should be approximately 20 pages of text, not including a title page, abstract page, table of contents, and pages used in the reference list.
Annotated Outline and Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Outline and Annotated Bibliography Scoring Guide.
Prepare an annotated outline and annotated bibliography for your course project that meets course outcomes with regard to social policy. Discuss how each section relates to the concepts of continuous quality and performance enhancement addressed in this course. Include a brief history /literature review of the policy and where it stands today. Expand the history / literature review to discuss elements of the policy needing reform.

Summarizes each section of the written project.
Defines points which support the project topic.
Identifies where selected references will be integrated.
Identifies how references support related points.
Summarizes how main sections or points relate to course objectives.

Must identify the social welfare policy to be evaluated in the course project.
My chosen topic is Homeless in America. I explored this topic because there seems to be
a problem with homelessness which did not just start today. Homelessness have been in
existence for many years and I am certain for many years to come. I explored that have existed
many years ago and still, the fact of the matter remains.My rationale for selecting this topic is
delve deeper into the core of such an epidemic such as the cause, specific groups who experience
homelessness and what solutions are being done to remedy the situation. Homeless did not just
begin, it travels back many years yet, still exists. My intent is to examine, analyze and compare
and contrast homelessness in comparison to then versus now. I once believed that people are in
situations due to choice however, there are circumstances that lend to such quandary.