Decide what topic you would like to research. The topic must be related to one of the following categories of the NCLEX test plan Health Promotion and Maintenance, Community, or Nutrition.


2. Search the internet for information on the topic. (See sample list of possible topics). Use a reputable search engine, such as CINAHL or Medline, and select
the best article. The article must be from a professional nursing journal, such as the American Journal of Nursing. Just because you found the article with a CINAHL
search, for example, does not mean it is from a nursing journal. The article must be CURRENT within at least 3 years!!! 1 point

3. Obtain approval of the topic/article from your clinical instructor prior to proceeding with the assignment. (Each student will be discussing their article and
findings in post conference, so each person must have a different article). A variety of topics will lend to a broader learning experience.

4. Print a copy of the article to include with your paper. The article must be at least 4-5 pages in length. 1 point

5. Write a short (3-4 paragraphs) summary of topic and findings in the article, along with implications for current nursing practice. THIS MUST BE IN YOUR OWN
WORDS. Plagiarism is against college policy. 1 point

6. Include a bibliography for your article following APA Guidelines. 1 point

7. The due date for this paper will be set by your clinical instructor. 1 point

8. Be prepared to lead a 5 to 10 minute discussion of your article and your analysis during post conference, as scheduled by your primary clinical instructor.
(See sign up sheet).
6 points Satisfactory
5.0 – 4.0 Needs Improvement _________
0.5 – 3.5 Unsatisfactory