Create Response To Each Of The 3 Posts Must Be 300 Or More Wrds Each

Create response to each of the 3 posts. Must be 300 or more wrds each.

Post # 1

 For this weeks forum we had to find the meaning of one of our dreams, which is a topic I enjoy reading and talking about.  I do not usually have dreams but when I do it is maybe once or twice a month. When I dream I have , so vivid I wake up scared or can not tell if it was a dream or if it was real. The dream that I used with the Dream Dictionary is about me swimming in a pool and out of no where a shark appears in the pool. I did not realize there was a shark with me until it attacked me and ripped my arm off. In that moment I hesitated looking for a way out of the pool, but there was no way out. For about an hour, I swam around in misery trying to stay above water to get air and trying to stay out of the sharks way. 

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