Correctly Complete The Chart Below Based On The Following Specifications Make Su

5.    If everything is configure correctly Student Lab Computer should be able to ping Teacher Lab Computer. complete this ping and attach a screenshot

6.    If the ping fails, troubleshoot your network and attach a screenshot once Student Lab Computer can successfully piing Teacher Lab Computer.

Enrichment Questions

1.    Why where the static routes necessary?

2.    Go back into both router configs and delete the static routes. Can you still ping the Teacher Lab Computer from the Student Lab Computer? Why or Why Not?

Extra Credit- +5 points

1.    Ensure that you removed the static routes from previous step

2.    Enable RIP and configure the network so that Student Lab Computer can once again ping Teacher Lab Computer.

3.    Attach 3 screen shots

a.    The Router RIP config from Student Router

b.    The Router RIP config from Teacher Router

c.     A successful ping from Student Lab

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