Consider a process of change that you have been part of in the medium term past (3-5 years) within the organization that you work (or have recently worked) in.

Consider a process of change that you have been part of in the medium term past (3-5 years) within the organization that you work (or have recently worked) in. Critically discuss, the process of designing and implementing change, highlighting areas of successful practice as well as areas where adopting different tactics might have changed the outcome of the change program.

Successful work is likely to include case material that features some combination of the following elements, although it is perfectly acceptable to exclude some of these in order to open up space for critical engagement and reflection on practice.

? In outline, the situation beforehand, emphasising the internal factors that impacted on the change. (N.B. this is not an essay on strategy and coverage of this issue should be restricted to that necessary to understand the imperative for change).
? The way that the organisation formulated the change program and organised for change. (i.e. you may wish to comment on the debates that occurred between different parties, who was involved in writing the change proposal and why some were included or excluded from this process).
? In some detail, the process of its implementation, including how it was approached, who did what and how did people respond to this. (N.B. It is not simply about A communicating to B but expanding this to look at how B reacted to the communication and the subsequent response of A to try and effect change).
? The key effects upon those whom it impacted particularly on the winners and losers in the change. (This specifically invites you to explore the political dimension of change and how these dynamics work to alter the outcome of the change process).

Your report should be 3000 words in length (plus or minus 10%). You should use literature and theory to support your discussion and this must be fully referenced. Appendices should only be used to show essential support material.

Assessment will be based upon your consideration of the following:-
? Range and Application of theories ? Demonstrating that you have gained a good understanding of the issues involved in change management is absolutely key to achieving success in this course. It is expected that you will cite a range of theories around change. This should extend beyond managerial prescriptions of change (such as those offered by Kanter or Kotter) and may well involve concentrating on a particular aspect of change that is pertinent to your case material.
? Case Material ? Cases should be ?multi-voiced? (i.e. representing different perspectives) exploring in-depth who did what to whom and how others responded. That is, accounts that feature only the ?official? story or the opinion of the leader/author of the essay are likely to attract lower marks. In contrast those essays that show how different parties reacted to change are likely to be rewarded with higher marks.
? Interpretation and Insight – addressing specific question set by developing an argument that through critical reflection extends theory and/or points to new areas of practice. This is a key part of the assessment criteria as this indicates the learning and insight that the author has developed from the course.
? Reflexive Practice ? indicating how the arguments made in the paper have shaped how the writer approaches their practice as a manager.