complete your Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Concept Map assessment.

You may use the template on the following page to help you complete your Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Concept Map assessment. The template has been created to mirror the formatting of the draft concept map from the Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Care media piece.

To get started, you can copy and paste the information you exported into a Microsoft Word document from the media piece.

Remember to change the title of the diamonds currently labeled “[Other, Insert Appropriate Title]” to a title that accurately reflects the category of information in the diamond.

Remember to insert APA style, in-text citations where appropriate.

Add additional items and connections as appropriate to fully develop your concept map.

You are not required to use this template. You may use a different template or tool.

If you encounter accessibility issues while working with this template, please contact your instructor for assistance and possible alternatives.




Nursing Diagnosis 3:

Patient Info:


[Other, Insert Appropriate Title]

[Other, Insert Appropriate Title]


[Other, Insert Appropriate Title]


Nursing Diagnosis 2:

Most Urgent Nursing Diagnosis:

Part One: Concept Map

Concept Map

· Develop a concept map for the individual patient, based upon the best available evidence for treating your patients health, economic, and cultural needs.

Part Two: Narrative


Develop a narrative (2–4 pages) for your concept map. This needs to be in APA and needs 3–5 current scholarly or professional sources to support your assertions within the last 5 years.

· Analyze the needs of your patient and their family, and determine how those needs will influence a patient-centered concept map.

. Consider how your patients economic situation and relevant environmental factors may have contributed to your patients current condition or affect their future health.

. Consider how your patients culture or family should influence your concept map.

· Justify the value and relevance of the evidence you used as the basis of your concept map.

. Explain why your evidence is valuable and relevant to your patients case.

. Explain why each piece of evidence is appropriate for both the health issue you are trying to correct and for the unique situation of your patient and their family.

· Propose relevant and measurable criteria for evaluating the degree to which the desired outcomes of your concept map were achieved.

. Explain why your proposed criteria are appropriate and useful measures of success.

· Explain how you will communicate specific aspects of the concept map to your patient and their family in an ethical, culturally sensitive, and inclusive way. Ensure that your strategies:

. Promote honest communications.

. Facilitate sharing only the information you are required and permitted to share.

. Are mindful of your patients culture.

. Enable you to make complex medical terms and concepts understandable to your patient and their family, regardless of language, disabilities, or level of education.

Patient Information:

Keith Rogers

Patient with HIV


Reason for Referral: Keith is an 18–year–old African American man, and a recent high school graduate. He has HIV but has not been in treatment.

Situation: Although he has known his HIV status for some time, Keith is here today seeking treatment for the first time. He came alone on a city bus, and he doesnt have a state–issued ID or insurance information, although he says he does have health insurance.


How long have you known you were HIV–positive?

Since this summer. They had one of those trucks outside GGs where you can get tested for free. GGs, thats our club. So me and Nick, we go get the test and it was positive.

They gave us these pamphlets after, but I cant leave stuff like that around the house. My folks didnt know about me and Nick. So I trashed those pamphlets on the way home. That was…like six months back I guess.

Since you havent been in treatment, have you been doing other things to protect your health?

Yeah. So heres the thing about that. Nick says he read on the Internet that meth is supposed to help. Like methamphetamines. And you dont have to do very much and it slows it down so you dont get sick as fast, but doctors cant prescribe it because its illegal. So we tried that. Nick thinks its working, but I dont know, man. It makes my heart beat real fast and that freaks me out.

Hed be mad if he knew I told you that, like maybe someones gonna show up at the house and bust us. I guess I dont care anymore.

At intake you described your living situation as “unstable.” Can you tell me more about that?

Im at Nicks right now. Mom threw me out of the house. I was…like, trying to find a way where I could get a test that wasnt in front of a gay club, right, cuz…my folks just aint ready for that much truth, you know? So were at the clinic, and I get the test, and they call Moms in because technically Im still a minor at that time, and were talking with the nurse or whoever and it just kinda comes out. How I got it. She hit the roof.

I dont think thats why she threw me out, though, even though at church they say its a sin. Shes scared. Everyone is scared. I got little sisters at home, Alexa and Marnie, and we only got one bathroom. Its like…maybe Im allowed to go ruin my life and they still love me and pray for me, but if I gave it to the girls…that they could never forgive.

So Im sleeping on the couch at Nicks place. His folks dont want us sharing a bed, but they feed me and stuff. I dont even know if Nick told them whats up, so I just keep my mouth shut. If we break up over this, Im in so much trouble.

What do you feel is the most important thing we can do to help you right now?

Well. I have like five hundred dollars in the bank that I got for my birthday, but HIV drugs have gotta cost more than that. Im under Dads insurance still, until Im 25 I think. But I remember when my sisters were born it was so expensive anyway, and Im scared that if the insurance company finds out, like…I have a terminal illness…thatll just bankrupt the whole family. I cant do that to them.

So I guess the first thing is, like, can you help me figure out how to do this without hurting anybody?