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ET310AssignmentSinusoidal Steady-State and AC Circuit Power AnalysisWork Exercises 5, 26, 52 and 71 from Chapter 10.Work Exercises 2, 14 and 37 from Chapter 11.Save all the work in HW5_StudentID and upload. Show all work for full credit.LabSinusoidal Steady State AnalysisThis week?s lab is based on the sinusoidal steady state analysis using capacitive and inductive circuits in Multisim. You will learn to utilize Multisim to perform the mesh analysis.Watch video lecture entitled ?Week 5 ? Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis in Multisim?.Work Practice Problem 10.10 from Chapter 10 to determine the currents I1, I2 and I3.Switch the places of capacitor and inductor and repeat step 2 to determine the currents.Record the values in the table below:Construct Figure 10.21 from Chapter 10 in Multisim.Run the simulation to measure the currents I1, I2 and I3. (Use 5% tolerances for the resistor)Perform Steady State AC Analysis and trace the voltage across the capacitor.Take the screen capture of all the measurements and the AC analysis.Answer the following questions:Are the measured values same as calculated values? If not, explain why they are different?Explain if the circuit is linear or non-linear?Compare the measurements of currents from step 2 and 3 and explain the differences?What do you understand from the steady state AC analysis of this circuit?Create a new word document called ?Lab5_StudentID.docx? with your GID substituted into the file name.Save the analysis from step 2 & 3 and simulation results from step 5 along with the table and screen captures of all the measurements. Make sure to answer the questions in step 6.Upload file ?Lab5_StudentID?.ET372AssignmentOptical SensorsWork the problems below. To receive any credit, you must show all work. You may submit your work in a word processing document or in a pdf file. Graphic files are not acceptable submissions. Your file submission document should be entitled Week5AYourGID (replace YourGID with your specific GID).A source of green light has a frequency of 6.2 x 1014 Hz. What is the wavelength in nanometers (nm) and in ?A flashlight beam has an exit power of 100mW, an exit diameter of 3.8cm, and a divergence of 1.1. Calculate the intensity in mW/cm2 at 55m and the size of the beam at that distance.Suppose a 680-nm beam with a power of 0.2 mW and a 4.5-cm diameter strikes a detector with a 0.2-cm diameter. How many photons strike the detector per second?A photomultiplier has a current gain of 3 x 106. A weak light beam produces 55 electrons/s at the photocathode. What anode-to-ground resistance must be used to get a 2.8 ?V voltage from the light pulse? The charge of an electron is 1.6 x 10-19 coulomb.

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