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Select one of Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions. Many were simply sketched on paper; your job will be to bring one of them to life (e.g., the airscrew eventually became the helicopter).Design a Rube Goldberg machine to perform a simple task (e.g., wake a sleeping student, feed an animal, cook your breakfast in the morning, etc.).Create a Battlebots design (weigh options of various weapons and strategies; rules for what is allowed are available here:ÿ that you must create multiple options and select an option using the decision matrix discussed in Lesson 4. You completed this work in Lesson 4, and you will now refine the content and compile the information into a suitable presentation format.Use sketches and models to describe the design. Be sure to compare the requirements you established to your expected results to verify whether your design meets project requirements. Each team member must contribute at least one sketch that presents their original concept drawing for the project and that was verbally discussed. These sketches should be shared with other team members. You will establish a design concept (and document your ideas as part of the design process). You must document your design in CAD format, using SolidWorks, and generate the necessary part and/or assembly drawings as appropriate. Again, you must include three sketches and two CAD drawings to present as part of the project.The online presentation will be given in two weeks. The intent of the assignment is to follow the engineering design process through design selection. The preliminary design review (PDR) is a significant milestone in the engineering field. It occurs before you build a prototype to test the ideas and allows other stakeholders (client, managers, fellow engineers, affected personnel) to review information. The PDR also provides an opportunity to gather feedback on the design. You should have already evaluated your concept ideas and down-selected the most likely candidate to present at a preliminary design review. Keep in mind that you are trying to sell your idea to your supervisor and client. They will want to know that you did your due diligence to ensure you have selected the best possible option.

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