Chapter Seven This Chapter Focuses On Health And Reproductive Justice In Order T

Chapter Seven: This chapter focuses on health and reproductive justice in order to emphasize linkages between bodies, health, and the politics of race, class, and gender. It explores the ways structured patterns of inequality and privilege affect health and reproductive status as well as access and experience of health practices and products. The chapter explores health and wellness, corporate responsibility, sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive justice, contraception, forced sterilization, and abortion history, law, and practices.  

Answer the following question fully in 5-7 sentences each:

  1. Discuss policies that aim to protect a women’s right to choose.
  2. What are the statistics on attitudes towards abortion, percentages of unplanned pregnancies, use of abortion in the U.S.?
  3. Discuss the connections between systems of privilege and inequality, health and reproductive issues. How are you personally positioned vis-à-vis health and these systems?

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