Chapter 77 17each Year Forbesmagazine Publishes A List Ofthe World S Richest Peo

Chapter 77.17Each year,Forbesmagazine publishes a list ofthe world’s richest people. In 2009, the six richestpeople, their citizenship, and their wealth (to thenearest billion dollars) are as shown in the followingtable. Consider these six people a population ofinterest:NameCitizenshipWealth ($ billion)William gates III (G)United States40Warren Buffett (B)United States38Carlos Slim Helu (H)Mexico35Lawrence Ellison (E)United States23Ingvar Kamprad (K)Sweden22Karl Albrecht (A)Germany22

a. Calculate the mean wealth, μ, of the six people.b. For sample size 2, construct a table similar toTable 7.2 on page 299 (height of players).c. Draw a dotplot for the sampling distribution ofthe sample mean for sample size 2.d. For a random sample size 2, what is the chancethat the sample mean will equal the

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