Chapter 3 Of Electronic Commerce The Strategic Perspective Describes A Number Of

Chapter 3 of Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective describes a number of methods to attract visitors a business website.   Select three types of attractors and define and describe each. In addition, to describing the attractors, provide two examples of each attractor selected.  Your paper should explore how the attractors are used, particularly in innovative ways, within your examples.

Paper Guidelines

  • The paper should be 3-4 pages in length, in your own words, properly cite any outside resources. 
  • 1″ margins and Times Roman Font, 12-point, or something comparable
  • The paper should be well organized with proper grammar and spelling. 
  • Use at least 2 sources, other than the textbooks, to strengthen your arguments, points, etc.   
  • Be sure to leave your name off the paper, this helps to ensure fairness in grading.

Be sure to properly cite any sources you use using APA format.  You can get some help on APA formatting here:

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