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This is a paper that focuses on the identification of a set of algorithmic requirements on MHR scenario. The paper also provides several activities to follow while doing the assignment.,Identification of a set of algorithmic requirements on MHR scenario,Objective:, The objective of this assignment is to identify a set of (cyber security) algorithmic requirements and apply the relevant error detection and correction algorithms for a given application (Australian My Health Record – MHR system)., Activity (1): – 30 marks, Firstly, identify two processes from the above-mentioned MHR scenario – 4 marks, Secondly, write simple descriptions for those processes – 4 marks, Thirdly, identify relevant actions for those processes – 4 marks, Fourthly, identify malicious actions against those actions – 4 marks, Then, draw activity diagrams along with malicious activities – 10 marks, Different users can interact using MHR system and do different actions – you can use activity diagrams to demonstrate such actions. Identify how a hacker could potentially harm such interactions and do different, malicious actions – you can use mal-activity diagrams to demonstrate such malicious actions. What are the lessons you have learnt through using activity and malicious activity diagrams? – 4 marks,Identification of a set of algorithmic requirements on MHR scenario,Activity (2): – 20 marks, Understand the basic concepts of encoding and decoding processes of error detection and correction algorithms – 10 marks, Write your reflections on using relevant ,error detection and correction algorithms, during communication and interactions between two entities of MHR system – 10 marks,Activity (3): – 20 marks, Write your reflections on ACID security properties of MHR database transaction. How to ensure these security properties with regards to successful database transactions. – 8 marks, How can you apply the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model to safeguard MHR data and to provide relevant MHR access to authorized users? In your discussion, please include the basic concepts of RBAC model with examples from MHR system. – 12 marks,Consider the following Australian MHR (My Health Record System) scenario:,The MHR system is a new initiative in Australia to put all the patients’ records (e.g., demographic data, daily medical records, previous medical information, diagnosis data, insurance information, and so on) into one place. attachment,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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