Briefly describe the course of the disease or condition using the concepts of incidence prevalence and case-fatality.

HP 2020 written assignment1. Select one of the Healthy People 2020 10 Leading Health Indicators. Review the materials presented on the indicator you choose on the Healthy People 2020 website Healthy People 2020 . Use the following bullets as headings and write the paper in a question-answer format in the following order.2. Briefly describe the problem indicating the “burden of disease” including overall morbidity and mortality and changes that have occurred in recent years.3. Briefly describe the course of the disease or condition using the concepts of incidence, prevalence and case-fatality. If these concepts are not relevant to your subject explain what they mean and why they are not relevant4. Identify at least two at-risk groups (those with an increased probability of developing and/or experiencing bad outcomes). If possible obtain relative risks to describe their probability of developing the condition or specific disease(s) relative to a specific low risk group.5. Identify 5 options for potential interventions to address the problem. For each of the options identify the primary focus in terms of When (Primary, secondary or tertiary prevention), Who (individual, at-risk group, population) and How (education, motivation, obligation, invention). Number each of the potential interventions. Identify each option then bullet or create a table giving your answers to When, Who and How for each option.6. From these potential interventions select 2 that you identify as most effective. Specifically indicate the advantages and disadvantages of each intervention that you selected and why you think they would be effective. Identify each option then bullet the advantages and disadvantages7. Indicate methods that you would use to implement the options that you have selected in #58. Use formal citations for Web sites and other references using APA format for both in-text citations and separate reference page. For proper APA formatting, please go to Purdue Owl Purdue Owl APA Style reference