best health care practices with medical knowledge

I am very delighted to practice professional nursing and seeking a Doctor of Nursing practice I believe will present me with an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in nursing in order to practice at a higher level of the same. Improving the nursing practice for me is aimed at the Adult Gerontology primary care nurse department particularly in understanding cases of patients battling chronic diseases. My main interest is related to reducing the prevalence of obesity in patients and complications that might lead to obesity in the future. Because of the complex nature of the present health care system, the cases of chronic disease has been rising and expanding in the present. For this reason, I believe a master degree in Doctor of Nursing practice will strengthen my skills in obesity prevention.

A DNP degree will enable me make perfect preparations that are necessary to address the challenges presented in health care delivery and in an advanced practice. With the skills and knowledge that I will acquire while studying, I believe that a DNP degree will make me more autonomous, accountable and competent in an advanced practice. Practicing in Sri Lanka as a nurse in the healthcare industry, I was able to interact with patients who were mainly from low quality life and had acquired diabetes because of their poor standards of living and diet practices. The ‘here and now’ practice as well as the knowledge deficit by nurses worsened patient conditions.

With the knowledge that the health team in Sri Lanka needed to have a different practice in health care delivery, I transferred to the US to enhance my knowledge in nursing which will bring me to a comprehensive career filled with opportunities. Because of my desire to blend best health care practices with medical knowledge and holistic patient care, I believe a degree in DNP will bring me fulfillment of this desire. I choose the elegant and stylish University of Maryland to acquire my degree because of the updated skills and knowledge platforms they offer to students. The educational environment at the University is fast changing particularly in the health department which aims at making individual nurses leaders and prepares them to be accountable in the health profession. Certainly, to provide accountability, trust and patient care in the Nursing profession, I trust Sri Lanka to bring me to the highest experience.