ba 317 casestudy db and midterm

Hello 😃

I need help with a casestudy, Db and midterm.

1.CASESTUDY-You will complete a chapter case study each week to apply the chapters readings. Each case study contains questions at the end of each case, respond to these questions in a 1 page paper. Be sure to use in-text citation references and apply the APA writing style to your paper. Your paper should include 1 FULL page of content NOT including the cover and reference pages. Your paper should include at least 2 references, 1 being your course text.

2. DB-Please complete a discussion thread with your opinion on this weeks case study. Your response should be at least 50 words.

3.Midterm exam- Go to International Management course and go to quizzes to take the midterm. login info below


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