Attached is the document that explains the requirements for the Interprofessional Collaboration Project.

Attached is the grading criteria that will be used to grade the Interprofessional Collaboration Project.

The title of this project should be professional; the title should not be Interprofessional Collaboration Project. It should reflect the topic of the paper and not the topic of the assignment.

the topic should be collaboration between health care provides on coronary artery disease patients.

i will need you to first answer these questions so i can send to my instructor, after her feedback, i will then give you the go ahead to do the paper, i need this answer by 10/6/16. please do not go ahead with the paper to i get back to you.
below are the question;
So, What are your thoughts associated with the actual project you will develop associated with the coronary artery disease patients? Who do you envision will be involved – what providers and professions? What is the project you desire to develop?

attached with be the instruction for the paper.
reference should not be older than 5 years.
NURS 486
Interprofessional Collaboration Project
Interprofessional collaboration has been identified as essential to the delivery of safe, effective, and patient-centered healthcare (Baker, Pulling, McGraw, Dagnone, Hopkins-Rosseel, & Medves, 2008). As healthcare organizations utilize more collaborative models, it is important to provide future healthcare providers and practitioners with interprofessional education to help support this collaboration within practice upon graduation (Baker et al., 2008).
The purpose of this assignment is to:
1) Substantiate the importance of interprofessional collaboration within healthcare.
2) Emphasize the impact interprofessional collaboration can have upon safe, effective, patient-centered care.
3) Enable you an opportunity to CREATE A PROJECT that involves interprofessional collaboration which you can use to help support optimal care of patients at your place of employment.
Requirements of this project:
1) Topics must be pre-approved by course faculty. Please post your idea for the project using the assignment link in the Interprofessional Collaboration Project folder found within the Long-Term Assignment link in blackboard. This should be completed by September 18, 2016.
2) There is no length requirement to this assignment (length should satisfy clear explanation of project idea and impact upon patient care and please consider the point value of this assignment and the length of an assignment that substantiates the 375 points awarded for your work), although APA guidelines should be followed and a title page and reference page should be included. Please create a project and length appropriate for 375 possible points! This is designed to be the most substantial project you complete in this course!
3) The title for this project should not be Professional Collaboration Project. A more professional title should be selected.
4) There must be at least five (7) references, with a minimum of three (5) journal articles from scholarly sources.
5) Submit the paper through the Turnitin link.
6) Submit the paper using the naming convention given in the Syllabus. For this paper, the example is, SmithMInterprofessionalCollaborationProject.
7) Before beginning this assignment, please read the following articles for background and reference. (Attachments on Blackboard in Long-Term Assignments folder entitled Interprofessional Collaboration Project).