Assignment Exercises In Reflective Listeningsometimes People Just Want Others To

Assignment: Exercises in Reflective Listening

Sometimes, people just want others to listen. They want to voice their concerns and feelings, while knowing they were heard accurately. As a professional, it is just as important to respond to clients in a way that allows them to believe that you have heard them. Your responses can demonstrate your understanding of where that person is at that moment. During this process, it is just as important to correct misconceptions of the client when listening.

To Prepare

Review Chapter 8 in the Summers textbook for sample openers for empathetic responses. Choose one of the Reflective Listening Exercises I–VI in your Summers course text, pp. 180–186. You should complete all components in the exercise section that you have chosen. You can access a Word Document of these exercises in your Weekly Resources.

For this Assignment

Complete the Reflective Listening exercises in the Summers textbook and report your responses. You can use the Word document of the exercises in the Weekly Resources.


                      Exercises for Chapter 8

 Exercises I: How Many Feelings Can You Name?

Instructions: In a group of no more than four people, see how many feelings you can name in 10 minutes. Remember that there are many different degrees of the same feeling. After you do the exercise check your list against the list in the appendix.

 Exercises II: Finding the Right Feeling

Instructions: When responding to feelings, it is important to know the intensity of the feeling. It is very important to reflect to clients an accurate reading of what they must be feeling. All feelings have varying degrees of intensity. For each word listed here, list other words that mean the same thing but indicate varying degrees of the feeling identified by the original word. The first one is done for you as an example. Check the list of feelings in the appendix to see if there are other words you missed.

HAPPY: overjoyed, exhilarated, glad, delighted, cheerful, ecstatic, merry, radiant, content, elated, euphoric, ebullient, chipper, bouncy, bright, joyful, pleased

SAD: ___


TENSE: ___



ANGRY: ___

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