as a social work practitioner what are some steps that can be taken by the different entities such as the school districts cps non profits teachers law enforcement agencies to address at risk children in these dangerous situations during the pandemic

Given the recent global/national/community upheaval with COVID-19 and the school system’s sudden closings, I would like for you to read the following warnings and concerns put out by multiple organizations and law enforcement agencies. If you have not heard, children who are at-risk for violence, abuse, and neglect are now more at-risk due to the recent changes in their school communities. If you think about it, teachers, administrators, and mentors (coaches) who would regularly come in contact with children who are being abused are now NOT interacting with these children. In addition, abusive adults who are now in a “Stay at Home” order could be experiencing anxiety, frustration, which can lead to anger and hostility against children who are also stuck at home. Please read the following press release sent out by UNICEF on March 20, 2020:

As a social work practitioner, what are some steps that can be taken by the different entities such as the school districts, CPS, non-profits, teachers, law enforcement agencies to address at-risk children in these dangerous situations during these uncertain critical times? Address how assessment challenges can be overcome given that we are now “social distancing”.

Required APA Discussion Format (to be done for every discussion board unless stated otherwise):

1. You must include in-text APA citations IN your discussion (these are called in-text citations).

2. At the bottom of your discussion, you will space down twice and type REFERENCES. Underneath the phrase REFERENCES, you will list no less than two references (one should be your textbook and the other should be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article) that match the in-text citations IN your initial discussion post. Make sure references and citations you are using in this discussion are honest, accurate descriptions of information you are actually using for source information.

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