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Assess organizational growth and expansion in a minimum of 1,400 words in which you discuss the following:Consider what resources are available for organizational growth and expansion.ÿAssess what skills and knowledge are needed to access these resources.Evaluate how you would use your leadership abilities to advance your company as an intrapreneur.Assess how you would use your access to resources to advance your company as a social entrepreneur. Discuss both tangible and intangible resources.Citeÿa minimum of 2 peer reviewed reference from the University of Phoenix Library.Formatÿconsistent with APA guidelines.Individual Assignment: Organizational Growth and ExpansionPurpose of AssignmentThere?s a common understanding in business: if an organization is not growing, then it?s dying.ÿ Knowing how to grow and sustain an organization is a valuable skill for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and social entrepreneurs. Leaders within the organization must know where to get the needed resources and also understand how to access these resources in a timely manner to advance the company?s objectives. This assignment requires students to showcase their understanding of the process involved in organizational growth and expansion.Resources RequiredRefer to Ch.13 of Entrepreneurship, 3rd edition. Special attention should be given to pages 517 ? 523 of the text. Students will also provide peer reviewed reference from the University of Phoenix Library.Grading GuideContentMetPartially MetNot MetComments:All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.Student provided various resources available for organizational growth and expansion.Student evaluated the skills and knowledge that are needed to access resources available for organizational growth and expansion.Student demonstrated how they would use their entrepreneurial leadership abilities to advance their company.Student discussed how as an intrapreneur they would use their access to tangible and intangible resources to advance their company.The student offered additional insights beyond the scope of the textbook.The paper is 1,400 words in length.Total AvailableTotal Earned8#/XWriting GuidelinesMetPartially MetNot MetComments:The paper ? including tables and graphs, headings, a title page, and a reference page ? is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements.The paper includes properly cited intellectual property using APA style in-text citations and a reference page.The paper includes paragraph and sentence transitions that are logical and maintain flow throughout the paper.The paper includes sentences that are complete, clear, and concise.The paper follows proper rules of grammar and usage including spelling and punctuation.Total AvailableTotal Earned3#/XAssignment Total#11#/XAdditional comments:

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