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This is a paper that is focusing on; Justice for All is not possible in America? The length of the paper should be 10 pages of text. Include a bibliography, consisting of, at least, 5 books or papers.,Justice for All is not possible in America?,The length of the paper should be 10 pages of text., Firstly, Include a bibliography, consisting of, at least, 5 books or papers.,Secondly, Include notes which refer to sources of majors claims—notes from the paper bibliography.,Thirdly, Apply the MLA style in your essay. Get a sample in the library.,Fourthly, Include an outline of your essay, which should serve as a table of contents for the final draft of your paper.,Fourthly, state clearly your thesis followed by a short transitional statement listing the major arguments of the paper.,Further, proceed with argumentation step by step and clearly.,Additionally, backing up (or documenting) your basic claims. If appealing to the authority of philosophers (authors), be critical, always specifying whatever you’re agreeing with and to what extent.,Also, be mindful of the grading criteria which are provide on a separate sheet.,Finally, failure to adhere to these instructions will result in the rejection of your research paper.,More details;,Is There Really Justice for All?,The makeup of the judiciary doesn’t match the makeup of the country, and this could lead to bias.,IT’S A PERVASIVE NOTION ,in American society: ,Justice is blind, fairly administered and equal to all.,But a new Center for American Progress report says that a lack of diversity among the nation’s judiciary is hindering fairness and the image of equality in the U.S. justice system – particularly in jurisdictions where judges are elect instead of politically appoint.,“While the role of the federal judiciary and the decisions it metes out are often examined, far less focus and study is directed to the role of state courts and their impact and influence on ordinary citizens,” where issues ranging from divorce and criminal prosecutions to voting rights can be established, according to the report. “Even less is known about who sits on these courts and their backgrounds, both personal and professional.”,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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