Anybody Help Me To Solve This That I Want To Know What These Answers I Need To H 1

Anybody help me to solve this that I want to know what these answers. I need to help this that it is due on tomorrow! I want to know what this question means for? I want to understand of this. and Explain this to me and give me this answer that I am understand of this. This video question is important for me to understand that I need to know this before. please help me out as I’m lost and this is due today’s midnight.

Video Case: Vancouver Art21

  • Which artists’ work from Vancouver ART 21 most challenged or enlarged your idea of what visual art can do or be, and how did the artwork accomplish this?
  • What ideas from Kimmelman’s book “The Accidental Masterpiece” for this week connect to the art and/or artists in Vancouver Art 21 episode? Explain.
  • What metaphors or allegories for the spiritual life did you find in one of the artistic processes or artworks presented?

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