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5pg (Not including title/references)- The Fashion Channel Case StudyQuestions: 1) Provide a short summary of the case.ÿQuestion: 2) What are the major challenges, problems, and limitations for TFC according to the case?Please discuss this question by considering some of the following issues (you do not need to discuss all of them; just handpick four of them): a. Competitors (e.g., CNN and Lifetime channels) b. Current marketing strategy c. Target audience d. Product offering e. Revenue streams (how they obtain revenue) f. The category(s) that advertisers consider in choosing the channel to advertise their product on.ÿQuestion 3) Based on the reading, please answer the following sub questions: a. Please compare and contrast the pros and cons of each segmentation strategies. e.g. Tips: please use exhibit 4 and 5 to answer this question.You need to fill those blank boxes to find out which scenario is the best (this should have the highest margin). Make sure that you include the picture of the completed table in your case.If you were Dana Wheeler, please decide and discuss at least two segmentation strategies that you think TFC must take in order to stay competitive and profitable in the future?ÿIn answering this question, I would like you to try to incorporate the data from the exhibits to support yourargument.Exhibit 1: Demographics and competitor comparison Exhibit 2: National Consumer Survey Exhibit 3: Clusters of TFC?s viewers Exhibit 4: Ad revenue comparison Exhibit 5: TFC Estimated Financials for 2006 and 2007. Based on Identifying Market Segments and Targets how can TFC form a better segmentation to target their viewers?ÿTip***** to answer this question, I would like to see your creative, original, and provocative ideas. I would like you to come up with your own thoughts (this could be supported from your textbook, library resources, any news outlet, etc). Make sure you elaborate your answer on top of just proposing a one sentence solution (for example: the solution that I am proposing is to target teenagers, then you need to tell me how to target teenagers, which channel to target teenagers, what is the age group of teenagers, etc) *******You must have at least five citationsÿú Your write-up should be an essay that contains paragraphs (not just a bunch of bullet points). Do not label your responses using Q1, Q2, and so on. Instead, use a central theme to integrate all your responses in a coherent way. Do not include my questions/instructions in your write-up! You may use sub-headings to show key topics of discussion but do not copy and paste my questions/instructions in your actual writeup!Please use Times New Roman and font size 12. As usual, formal language must be used and your write-up should be professional, grammatically correct, neat, organized, succinct, and clear (e.g., coherence, compelling argument, clarity, etc.).

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