Alcoser Corporation S Most Recent Balance Sheet Appears Below Comparative Balanc

Alcoser Corporation’s most recent balance sheet appears below:

Comparative Balance Sheet Ending BalanceBeginning BalanceAssets:      Cash and cash equivalents$48 $27 Accounts receivable 39  42 Inventory 59  77 Property, plant, and equipment 578  504 Less accumulated depreciation 220  212 Total assets$504 $438 Liabilities and stockholders’ equity:      Accounts payable$47 $56 Accrued liabilities 23  22 Income taxes payable 27  34 Bonds payable 235  206 Common stock 81  75 Retained earnings 91  45 Total liabilities and equity$504 $438 

Net income for the year was $55. Cash dividends were $9. The company did not dispose of any property, plant, and equipment. It did not issue any bonds payable or repurchase any of its own common stock. The following questions pertain to the company’s statement of cash flows.

The net cash provided by (used in) operating activities for the year was:

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