After Reading Chapters 4 6 Carefully Write A Three To Five Page Rhetoric And Ste

After reading Chapters 4-6 carefully, write a three-to five-page rhetoric and stereotype essay that addresses the following points as they pertain to these groups of people: (1) Politicians, (2) Tattooed Persons, (3) Feminists, (4) Senior Citizens.Discuss the stereotypes associated with each of these groups. Provide an explanation of whether these groups invoke the same image to all persons, and if the stereotypes are positive, negative, or both. Describe the language and rhetoric that is used to reinforce the stereotype of each group. Is there some “truth” to stereotypes of these groups (and others, as well)? End your essay with an in-depth self-appraisal about what you learned about yourself based on Chapter 4-6 and their applicability to stereotypes. Be sure that your essay includes at least 3 non-textbook references in proper APA format. Moore, N.M. (2007) Critical Thinking (Ashford University custom 8th Ed) McGraw-Hill, NY

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