Affordable Care Act Debate Essay

Debate the following:

  • The Affordable Care Act is achieving its intended outcomes.
  • The Affordable Care Act aligns with the IHI Triple Aim.

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation that demonstrates the teams evaluation of the pros and cons, as well as whether the team reached a consensus. The presentation content must reflect pros and cons of each of the following components:

  • Connections to access and health insurance coverage
  • Insurance recipients
  • Expanded options of coverage
  • Payment systems reform
  • Equity for nursing services
  • Coordination of care and prevention
  • Workforce capacity
  • Public health provisions
  • Cost
    • Financial
    • Political
    • Implementation
  • Supporting data and evidence
  • Ethical, legal, and regulatory opportunities

Summarize the Affordable Care Act and include a minimum of two slides that focus on the teams consensus.

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Affordable Care Act Debate Essay