According to broken windows, how should police police?

How should we punish offenders in the U.S.?  Be specific.  You must use the textbook and the articles to answer this question – your thesis should be defended by facts. Hint: this is a question about punishment philosophy (the goals of punishment)

2) Make a “disorganized” neighborhood “organized.”  You must fully detail the theory of social disorganization and explain why crime occurs (according to the theory).  Note: it does not matter if you agree with this theory or like it.

3) Would it matter more to you if the disparity in arrest rates were an involvement issue OR a processing issue?  Your central thesis must be defended – you must use the readings to make your case.

4) According to broken windows, how should police “police”?  Make sure you explain broken windows theory in your response.

5) Procedural law defines the conditions under which justice actors must act.  Substantive law defines crime and punishment for that crime.
Which of these – procedural or substantive – do we emphasize in our constitution and why would we have made that choice?
NOTE: Answer all five (5) questions. Each answer should be at least 350 words