A Well Known Coffee Company With Cafes Throughout The U And The World Is Evaluat


2.      Many firms try for sustainable competitive advantages, but with intense competition in most industries and markets, these can be hard to achieve. Put yourself in the position of a senior marketing manager for Domino’s and come out with unique BOR stack that you think will give competitive advantage for the relatively stagnant pizza chain. You are looking for a break-out idea. Your proposal needs to convince the CEO that across a brand identity, offering mix, and relational investments, Domino’s is likely to see performance improvements. Be persuasive in your response. As there are marketing and non-market based sources of SCAs that firms can use, make a compelling case to the top management team.

 3.      A customer equity perspective recommends regarding customers as assets, yet accounting principles treat investments that increase brand, offering, and relational equities differently than other types of assets. Many see marketing investments as expenses rather than assets. These marketing sources of sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) often represent the strongest barrier to competition. Therefore, marketing, and the customer equity perspective, is not always loved by other departments in firms. How does adopting a customer equity perspective fit with the philosophy of customer centricity, which calls for an organization-wide approach?  Next, make a compelling case to the skeptics that a customer equity perspective is the ideal approach for your firm to adopt. Remember these are skeptics, who may not trust the messenger or the message, and in general, they are satisfied with what they are doing now.

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