A Systematic Review on Evidenced Base Practices to improve influenza vaccine uptake among nurses in a government assisted hospital without a Madatory Policy requirement

Order Description
To the Writer – This doctoral project aim is to get most current references (2013-2016) relating to development and planning for quality improvements relating to the paper topic. (This is a systematic literature review – please use PubMed, Cinahl etc)
Title Page – if you can condense my title to be 12 words or less with the same theme (appreciate).
Problem Statement – Please note that it must be in one or 2 paragraphs state the relevance of the problem statement. THE CURRRENT PROBLEM IS THAT NURSES IN A HOSPITAL THAT DOES NOT MANDATE THE INFLUENZA VACCINE OFTEN REFUSE/DECLINE THE VACCINE. THE GOAL IS TO MAKE THEN SEE THE BENEFIT OF DOING IT. WE NEED TO GET THE VACCINE RATES HIGHER.). Please summarize and give supporting evidence that provides justification that this problem is meaningful and relevant to the field of medicine. State the gap in nursing practice that is the focus of the project.
List the guiding practice-focused question that will address the identified gap in nursing practice. to highlight the development of quality improvement for nurses to be aware and take the influenza vaccine with or without policy mandate.
Context for the doctoral project – describe the intended practice setting and my relationship to the practice setting ( I am an employee health nurse who has in the past experienced difficulty with low rates for the flu vaccine without a mandate, wanted to find out how to increase the acceptance rate what methods improved dramatically, for the last 2 – 3 years what has other facility done to greatly improve their scores.
POSSIBLE SOURCES OF EVIDENCE – List sources of date that can address practice focused question. (Evidence must be based on literature review most recent years.