6 Why Is It Necessary For You To Identify Where A Person Is In Their Disease Pro

6. Why is it necessary for you to identify where a person is in their disease process?

You can help make a diagnosis

You can provide the appropriate support

You can decide where the person needs to live

You can recommend certain medications

7. Mr. B responds better to gestures and simple directives. At what level of cognitive impairment is Mr. B?





8. Which of the following is a general guideline for assisting a person with cognitive impairment?

Continue your task despite the reactions of the person

Do the task yourself to save time

Break the task into steps

Stick to a set routine with no flexibility

9. Which of the following guidelines should you follow when bathing a person with cognitive impairment?

Allow the person to do simple tasks as a distraction

Ignore any bathing preferences

Tell the individual “It is time for your shower.”

Rush the process to get it done quicker

10. What is an example of an ADL?

Moving from one room to another

Cooking dinner

Cleaning the house

Shopping for groceries

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