3 How Does The Literacy Of Men And Women Nearly Equal In Developed Countries Dif

3)how does the literacy of men and women, nearly equal in developed countries, differ in less developed countries?

A. women have a much higher rate.

B. men have a higher rate.

C. women have a slightly higher rate.

D. it does not differ.

4) how does human capital contribute to development?

A. financers lend money to developing countries.

B. foreigners make investments in another country.

C. a skilled Workforce encourages for an investment.

D. people invest their money in local resources for growth.

5) how do factors such as climate, mineral resources, and rainfall have an impact on development?

A. technology can be used to allocate resources differently.

B. poor climate and rainfall and lack of mineral resources complicate development

C. good climate and resources always result in full development.

D. these things seldom have any positive or negative effect on development.

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