29 Citing Examples Describe The Key Elements Of A Total Reward Which Element If

29) Citing examples, describe the key elements of a total reward. Which element, if any, included in the total reward would you consider more important for motivating the talents in the organisation? Why? 

30) “Collective bargaining is a valuable mechanism to redress the power imbalance in the employment relationship”. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? 

31) Outline the main differences between direct and indirect forms of employee participation. Providing examples, explain how these two forms affect HRM practices. 

32) HRM is often considered pro-management and anti-union. Providing examples, critically evaluate this statement.  

Define the pro-management and anti- union

33) Citing relevant corporate examples, describe some ethical dilemmas and explain how they could be handled by the “moral agent”

34) Managers faced with difficult ethical choices often benefit from a normative strategy – one based on norms and values – to guide their decision making. Based on research and organisational practices, discuss the five approaches used by normative ethics to describe values for guiding ethical decision making.   

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