2 pages and a half paper

Part 1: This module proposes a variety of rather interesting modern statistics on women in the workplace. Among these statistics include the notion that women currently outnumber men in higher education, occupy nearly half of all management positions, and a quarter of CEO positions despite still being underrepresented in high-end roles in both industry, politics, and military.

  • In your own experiences and/or anticipated work setting, do you believe women are/will be equally-represented as well as men in terms of status, power, and position?
  • What are some steps that can be taken in order to maximize the impact that women have in the workplace? Be sure to use a combination of both your own experience, opinions and of course support from the course materials when addressing this prompt.

Part 2: The concept is self-efficacy is discussed as a core component of empowerment. Take the attached (and validated) measures for both self-efficacy as well as self-esteem. Do you believe these measures to be an accurate representation of yourself? Do you believe this information could be useful for leaders to possess? Regardless of your opinion, be sure to elaborate as to how and why you believe in your stance.


  • For Part 2, refer to the attachment measure questionnaire
  • I would like to use the power point slides and book for referencing, external references are accepted too.
  • APT, Time New Roman, 12 points, and double-spaced
  • 2 – 2.5 pages without counting references (references should be in a separate page)

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